Shipping Information

Products are shipped out from our warehouse in UK,Central Bedfordshire and Germany,Hmaburg directly to our customer's house.The shipping process is free and it takes 6-8 business days (Austria,Netherlands and Italy have a shipping time of 10 days). After the purchase, products are delivered from our warehouses to the customer's local courier services in order to be delivered to his house with safety.

The shipping process prioritizes security and protection, employing meticulous packaging techniques and robust transportation protocols. By ensuring items are shielded against potential damage and environmental factors, customers can have confidence in receiving their orders in pristine condition, reaffirming the brand's commitment to excellence.

Handling time: 1 business day

All orders require 1 business day of processing time to be picked, packed and prepared for shipping.Our efficient processing system ensures that your order is swiftly handled,. During this period, our meticulous warehouse staff conducts rigorous checks to ensure the product's optimal functionality. Once verified, the product is promptly packaged with utmost safety and care. We prioritize secure shipment and endeavor to deliver it to your doorstep within an estimated timeframe of 6-8 days. Rest assured, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

The delivery process is under the control of the customer's local courier.Each product is double checked before it is shipped out with safety.Electronic products usually take 8-9 days to be delivered due to an extra check-up.The customer can track his order through our tracking system by writing his order's number which is given to him after the purchase.



Note:If you have any further questions about an order you can contact our support team through the live chat or email